Suntrough Energy: Redefining CSP

Small Scale

Suntrough Energy is uniquely positioned to make solar thermal plants economically viable at 10 MW in the developing world. Our approach creates fully-packaged power plant solutions that drastically reduce the substantial on-site construction costs of traditional solar thermal projects. Suntrough Energy utilizes containerized power plant modules that address significant barriers to projects being brought online on-time and on-budget. Suntrough containerizes nearly every component of the power plant including the steam turbine and steam cycle, commoditizing solar thermal projects for the first time.

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Bankable Technology

Suntrough is rapidly deploying and commissioning systems using "off-the-shelf" bankable parabolic trough technology that is well-understood by the industry. These generation assets will provide early revenue with predictable twenty-year income streams, as well as allowing us to continuously enhance the system and installation process for later projects.

Future generations in Suntrough's product line will leverage our experience with initial system installations to fine-tune our technology. We will work with established partners to customize existing designs in order to implement different heat transfer mediums and proprietary thermal storage systems to provide baseload generation.

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