Worldwide Frontiers in Renewable Energy.

We build tomorrow's energy, today.

Kinetic RES: Delivering the Renewable Resource Revolution

There’s a resource revolution underway, bringing cleaner, cheaper energy that transforms economies and environments.

With the committed financial backing of billions from regional sovereign wealth funds counting, Kinetic is the only private renewable energy project partner with the capacity to develop, finance, and operate mega projects throughout the region.

Project Development

We have been the developers on gigawatts of solar generation, including many of the largest plants operating in the world today.

Construction Management

With construction management experience from Amman to Los Angeles, Pakistan to West Africa, our international team works to keep construction costs down to offer low cost energy to our partners.

Own and Operate

Our sovereign wealth investor partners are committed to long-term ownership, with a commitment to steady returns from generating reliable renewable power for our partners.

Solar Energy is our Most Abundant Natural Resource

and is a lower cost oil alternative